About Us

Flydart is a digital marketing and media company based in New York City.

Founded in 2009, Flydart owns a collection of popular online brands and serves 21 million+ page views per month to visitors from 228 countries and regions around the globe.

We have been investing in a diverse yet focused range of niches and affiliate sales channels such as Entertainment, Food & Recipes, Education, eCommerce, Saas, and Mobile Apps.  These niches and sales channels allow us to grow our global footprint organically and provide long term values to both our audience and investors.

Since inception, Flydart has been a strong supporter for Asian American tech startups in New York.

20+ Online Brands
7 Million+ Unique Visitors / Month
21 Million+ Page Views / Month
$200,000+ Products Sold / Month
40,000+ Email List Subscribers

Diverse Range of Niches

Entertainment & Social

People will continue spend a good portion of their life consuming entertainment content via various social platforms.

Saas ( Software as a Service )

Saas is a rapid expanding niche that represents some very rewarding opportunities in the foreseeable 5-10 years

Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes is an evergreen industry that has been one of the most stable and long lasting niches in past couple decades


Online education is in massive demands. Its market is mature and well suited for steady revenue streams in the foreseeable future.


Online shopping is an integral part of our lives and will continue to be an important element of our overall investment strategy.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps continue to grow rapidly as mobile devices innovate at a very fast pace.